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Protect your new car from the start with our new car protection detail. Even new cars come from the dealership with surface contaminants all over them from transport and storage and in some cases have swirls and wash marks from bad wash technique. Most dealership protection packages are sold giving the wrong impression on how long they will last and are usually a cheap product badly applied.


We will offer a sealant or wax that is suited to you. You can choose from a long lasting Nanolex sealant that is hassle free maintenence, that does not reqiure regular waxing or the deep shine of a Swissvax high grade carnauba wax, that will reqiure regular waxing.

 All exterior glass is sealed with Nanolex glass sealant and alloy wheels are sealed with Nanolex alloy sealant.



We also offer fabric and leather protection for your interior. 


To make a booking or for more information please call one of our friendly team on 0118 334 2132 or click here to contact us »