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Our Enhancement Detail will drastically improve the gloss and depth of your paint and remove minor swirl and wash marks.

A Enhancement Detail includes;


 Wheels cleaned using PH neutrall wheel cleaner.

 Snow foam soak prior to wash .

 Thorough wash process using the two bucket method.

 Iron remover used on bodywork to safely remove iron particles from paint.

 Vehicle washed again.

 Micro towel dried.

 All bodywork,  glass and wheels clay barred.

 1 stage machine polish.

 IPA wipe down of bodywork.

 Wax or sealant applied to bodywork.

 Exterior glass polished and sealant applied.

 Wheels sealant applied to alloy wheels.

 Tailpipes polished and sealant applied.

 Swissvax seal feed applied to all rubber seals.




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