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Correction Detail


A correctional Detail is for a vehicle with heavy swirl and wash marks, this detail will also remove medium scratches and improve heavy scratches depending on how deep they are.

To achieve this we use multi stages of machine polishing with different compounds and different polishing pads. We may wet sand heavy scratches in places if needed.


This Detail includes;


Tar removed from wheels and bodywork. Small black speckles usually on wheels and lower half of vehicle.

Iron remover sprayed on bodywork and wheels. Iron remover shrinks and dissolves iron particles that can be imbeded into the paint surface and alloy wheels. On the bodywork these look like tiny orange spots once they have oxidized. If left, over time they can cause pitting on the paintwork causing permanent damage. Iron particles are mainly from the vehicle brakes and industrial fallout.

Paintwork and glass clay barred. Clay bar is a piece of detailing clay that glides over the paint surface and removes any bonded surface contaminants. Even after your vehicle has been washed it does not necessarily mean it is completly clean, as washing alone does not remove bonded contaminants. These contaminants can be anything from tree sap, road tar, rail dust to acid rain and more. This is an essential step before machine polishing and appling any sealant to the paintwork.

Multi stage machine polishing to correct paintwork. With a correction detail the paintwork can be machine polished up to 3 times with 3 different polishing compounds and different polishing pads. This all depends on how soft or hard the clear coat of the paint may be, as this differs from car to car. The reason for so many stages are because the first compound we use which is the most aggressive removes the heavy swirls and scratches but can also cause slight swirl marks as this is being done. The next stage removes these swirls and any hologram effect that may have been caused from the first stage and leaves a glossy finish. Sometimes a further machine polish will be reqiured if there are still any swirls or holograms left over. Swirl and wash marks are caused by bad wash technique, normally caused by quick fix drive through car washes.

IPA wipe down. IPA is a solution used to wipe down the paint work after machine polishing, this removes any polish residue and fillers that may be covering up any swirls or scratches so we can see the true finish of the paint. This is also a essential step as it allows the sealant or wax to truly bond to the paint, therefore making it last longer.

After all this is done the next stage will be either a high quality swissvax applied or a long lasting Nanolex sealant applied to the paintwork for extra gloss and shine and also to protect your paintwork.


All exterior glass is polished  and sealed.


Sealant applied to alloy wheels.




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