MPV/Estate £155




We put together our basic detail for someone who wants more than a Wash N Wax from our Valeting services but does not need or want to go as far as one of our Detail packages. Also this can easily be done in a day for those who cant be without their car for a couple of days.


For this Detail we use Nanolex Nanowax applied by machine. When applied by machine Nanowax acts as a cleaner/polish and leaves a layer of protection all in one step. We still claybar the paintwork before polishing to remove bonded contaminants.

This Detail will make a huge difference to the gloss of your paintwork and slightly improve light wash marks and swirls but not as much as a Enhancement Detail would.

This includes;


Wheels cleaned and tar removed.


Vehicle washed, tar removed then paintwork clay barred.


Nanowax applied by machine polisher.


Exterior glass cleaned.


Tyres dressed.


Tailpipes polished. 


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