Detailing Services

Detailing is what really makes a difference to the appearance of your car!

Over time paintwork will pick up bonded surface contaminants which cannot be removed by washing alone. Although your car may appear clean after washing it can still be coated in tar, tree sap, rail dust, brake dust, overspray and lots more.

Some of these contaminants will over time start to penetrate the clear coat lacquer causing long term damage. If your paintwork is heavily contaminated it will feel rough to touch rather than smooth like glass.

Removing these contaminants is only the beginning but possibly the most important step as we need a completely smooth and clean surface to begin the polishing stages.

We remove contaminants with clay bar and PH neutral chemicals that dissolve iron particles safely without damaging paint or lacquer.

The next stage depends on how far you want to go and of course how much you want to spend. We prefer to discuss your individual requirements and put together a package that suits you.

All of our detailing services include:

Glass sealant applied to all exterior windows.
Sealant applied to alloy wheels.
Seal feed applied to all rubber seals.
Tailpipes polished and sealant applied.

Prices range from £300 plus VAT depending on the precise nature of work required and size of vehicle. Please call one of our friendly team for further information.

To make a booking or for more information please call one of our friendly team on 0118 334 2132 or click here to contact us »